Choosing the Best Social Media Platform for Your Small Business

Social Media accounts for your businessThere is absolutely no doubt in the fact that having a social media presence is very important for every business model. But there are so many social media platforms active today makes it harder to determine which one should a company choose. As simple as this may sound, choosing what social media platform suits your business is a complicated decision and if done rightly, could do wonders for your business. So let’s look at some of the most popular social media platforms out there and see how your business may fit in their community!


The great thing about Facebook is that EVERYONE is on it! And I mean that in every sense of the world. Probably one of the most popular social media platforms is Facebook, it continues to be a part of every individual’s life. Thus making it a very strong marketing weapon. You can easily promote your business using the Facebook ad feature or create a page to trigger productive, engaging conversations among your potential clients. This would eventually generate a word of mouth about your business that would help you increase your customers at a very increasing rate.


Twitter also offers a huge target audience where individuals have the power to directly converse with huge brands and corporations. A Twitter account lets you be active 24/7 for your target audience and allows you to directly engage with every single individual that has an account on it. With Twitter’s powerful search tool has made it easier to narrow down to specific niches. So, if you are a business owner in the Health and Wellness field you can find posts that are related in the health field or people who are interested in being healthy. Hashtags are very powerful as well to promote your posts specifically to those who are within your field or potential clients that want to find you. If you want to boost your tweets for a wider audience, Twitter offers promoted ads.


Youtube is a very powerful platform that allows you to market your brand using visual presentations in the most exciting manner. With a huge network that spreads worldwide, Youtube allows users to post and get access to all sorts of video content that can be posted by anyone from anywhere. As a business, one can really harness the true power of Youtube by posting appropriate and effective videos that would best suit your respective business model and your potential target demographic.


Pinterest is another visually driven social media platform, like Youtube. According to our research, people who use Pinterest belong to fields like fashion, food, design, travel, etc. Thus, if your business is creative and/or driven to this particular target market then Pinterest is a great option. The website allows you to share videos and pictures that could really say a lot about your business, making it a very powerful marketing companion.


Google+ is more B2B driven social media platform, with members that are already pretty big on other social media platforms. Google+ offers a more formal look that makes it ideal for corporate usage. Google+, owing to its parent brand Google, offers great search options for all the posts. This makes linking your business with its associative products or brands that much easier thus allowing your business to expand in its particular niche.


Linkedln is again a B2B oriented social networking website which also provides a great platform for your business to not only find but also stay in contact with their target demographic. Linkedln allows you to expand your horizons as you make new connections with your business partners, employees and other businesses. This broad network of connections can literally grow with no limits and can benefit you both as an employ and an employer.


Instagram has grown exponentially in the last year, over 300 million active users (according to Instagram’s reports). Instagram allows you to visually drive your marketing campaign and increase your brand awareness in a creative way. Instagram is a great way to tell your audience more about your business visually, your team and your products. You can share short videos, which is a fun and powerful tool to promote your business.


Vine is a product of Twitter which gives users a platform to share short videos in a creative and addictive manner. Although released just recently, the website shows great potential and has taken up the interest of big corporations who are looking to use the platforms powerful and innovative concept in the best way possible. Vine again is a visually driven website and could be used to promote messages to a huge audience in a very cost effective manner.


As a small business owner, I do suggest getting involved with at least 2 or 3 accounts. It can be overwhelming at first, but focus only 2 accounts if you’re just starting. There are social media management tools you can use to schedule out your posts and tweets. A couple tools I suggest is Hootsuite or BufferApp. There are so many out there but these I find easy and simple to use. I do suggest creating at least a profile account for your business and address, this helps with building your presence online. The 2 or 3 social platforms I suggest using is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube. Again, it depends what type of business you are and this is where you will have to find more research of where you audience will be.